web serie gela le radici del futuro

The web series of Gela The Roots Of the Future

15 March 2019

The web series “ITALIA SICILIA GELA” tells in 7 episodes Gela, one of the most contradictory cities in Italy, through the voice of as many protagonists who give an unusual insight into the perception that it commonly has, revealing along with its problems the extraordinary beauty and potential that it contains. A story that speaks of a city in particular, Gela, but symbolically well represents Sicily as a whole and all of Italy, torn between difficulties and enormous opportunities.
Hence the name of the web series: Italia Sicilia Gela.
The web series was created by Jacopo Fo srl (Atlantide Group) with the direction of Iacopo Patierno, Eni’s support and the patronage of the Municipality of Gela.


Friday 29 March 2019 9.00 pm
Eschilo Theater – GELA

Booking on EventBrite (click here). Participation in the event is free. In case of bookings exceeding the available places, the entrance will be reserved for the first arrivals.

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