Seven Episode | Damiano

Last episode: we’ll go to the Rossini restaurant. “If I wasn’t in the restaurant business, I’d like to be a bartender.” Welcome to the Rossini restaurant owned by Damiano


Fourth Episode | I Pisanos

Emanuele and Giuseppe Pisano are father and son. Together they run a small farmstead that produces sheep ricotta.. “The first thing I ate as a child, was ricotta… I’ve


Third Episode | Michael

We enter Michael Cassarino’s bakery and we learn the art of making bread, another one of Gela’s specialties. “Since I was a bit of rascal when I was little,


Second Episode | Cristian

Cristian Capizello is an agronomist from Gela and in his family business he cultivates artichokes and cereals. He doesn’t use intermediaries and only sells retail, and has learned all