Italy Sicily Gela: the trailer of the second season

Directed by Iacopo Patierno and produced within the Gela Le Radici Del Futuro project by Jacopo Fo srl – Atlantide Group with the support of Eni, the second season of the Italy Sicily Gela web series is also divided into 7 episodes, all visible for free and also available subtitled in english.

In the first season we began to know the wonders of Gela, a territory rich in history and with enormous tourist potential.
In addition to all this, in Gela you can eat very well!

The second cycle of episodes of the Italia Sicilia Gela web series is dedicated to food, to the gastronomic traditions of Gela, to food excellence and to those who produce them.

St. Joseph’s dinner told by Giusy, the violet artichoke told by Cristian, Michael’s bread, Emanuele and Giuseppe’s ricotta … and we can’t reveal everything !!!

locandina GELA webserie - seconda stagione - inglese

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