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The web series Italia Sicilia Gela was selected for the 2019 Sicily Web Fest.

webserie | Italia, Sicilia, Gela | sesta puntata | Francesco

Sixth Episode | Francesco

15 May 2019

A pastime musician and a professional advertising graphic designer  Francesco

webserie | Italia, Sicilia, Gela | qinto episodio | Giuseppe a Spina

Fifth Episode | Giuseppe

8 May 2019

Giuseppe, an archaeologist tells us about the history of Gela 

Fourth Episode | Silvia

30 April 2019

I love all of Gela’s facets…

Fourth appointment with

webserie italia, sicilia, gela, ter

Third Episode | Sandra

24 April 2019

Third episode of the web series Italia Sicilia Gela, directed

Web Serie | Italia, Sicilia, Gela, Second Episode | Elisa

Second Episode | Elisa

17 April 2019

Let’s start our journey to discover Gela  Gela is beaches,

don lino

First Episode | Don Lino

10 April 2019

The episodes of the Italian web series Italia Sicilia Gela

web serie gela le radici del futuro

The web series of Gela The Roots Of the Future

15 March 2019

The web series “ITALIA SICILIA GELA” tells in 7 episodes